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1.An error occurred during installation of the driver?

A: If the installation driver error is due to some services in the system which are shutdown.Please manually add the driver to install the printer driver.



Common problems

1.Cutter can not cut the paper

A: First print a self-test page to check if the cutter can work.If no work,please check the dial switch on the bottom of the machine,please ensure the first switch on the “off”position.If still no work,now we consider the cutter need to  repair.


2.Turn on the printer without responding

A: First confirm power indicator for power adapter (green light),if it is bright,check whether the power cord is connected to the printer’s power connector, the direction is correct,turn on the power switch and press the paper button or open the cover to see if the error.If not, consider the power supply module of motherboard is burned and need to repair.


3.Installed the cover, but the machine has been being given the wrong

A: Open the cover, and then cover with a point of force,holding the cover by hand to see will not be given the wrong,try to put the bottom of the first switch off (hit the “ON” position), see if the error will not be given.These also can be classified as a hardware problem, If it affects the use, it is necessary to repair.

4.When the printer is cut, it will cut a knife or a few knife in a position in the middle of a complete document.

A: You need to select the paper / quality in the print preferences, select Document (Cut) , and try to print again.If still this case, it is caused by the software used by the user,please consult the software vendor.


5.80mm thermal printer where is the black mark?

A: Black mark function only FK-POS80-AT and above configuration thermal printer only, the same can be customized left and right position.