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How to make fixed asset label by bar code label printing software?

How to make a fixed asset label with a label printing software? Fixed asset labels are also known as fixed asset labels, also known as fixed asset labels, fixed asset identification (display) cards, fixed asset label sheets (pasted), etc. The main purpose is to identify the asset (fixed asset number, brand, model, date of purchase, application department, user, supplier, etc.) on the information used to label the fixed asset. Fixed asset labels can be divided into self-adhesive labels, tag labels, surface heat pressing / painting code labels, metal fixed nameplates, etc. According to the different label materials, it can be divided into paper labels, PVC labels, metal labels. Many business users want to learn more about how to make fixed asset labels with barcode label printing software. This article is this introduction.

1. New label paper
First, open the barcode printing software for fixed assets, select the “Paper” option in “Document Settings”, create a custom paper, set the paper size, and then select the “Layout” option to set the label column to 1 row and 1 column. Then preliminary determination.

2. Database settings
“In the top menu bar, then select the software database settings” button, in the pop-up window, click “Add”-“Excel Data Source”, replace the “Browse” option OK button in the data source management of the new pane , And find and open the database file to the location of this location, and then re-position “Test Connection”, stay under the “Select Table” and “Select” rows and columns, display the database content, indicating that the database import was successful, replace the “Add” button ,at this time.

3. Label Design
Then, use the Place Normal Text tool of the software pointer tool to place each plain text in a blank area of ​​the canvas. Double-click the text to enter the “Properties” window, you can modify the corresponding graphic properties. In the “Source” option, first insert the minus button bar of the data object pointer, delete the replaced data object, and then add the button in order to add a new data Object, a data object of type “manual input”, adding fixed text information to the input.

Use the “Draw Lines” button in the left toolbar to add the table to the label content. When drawing a line segment, hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard to draw horizontal and vertical line segments. After drawing, click the “Place 1D Subdivision” button above the tool on the left to sort the layout in a blank area of ​​the canvas.

4. Dating database
Finally, double-click the plain text aligned on the front end twice. In the properties window, select the “Data Source” option. The same operation as above. Delete the changed data after adding a new data object. Select the data type as “Database Import”. Object, select the column name in “Columns”, and then click the “Add” button, it successfully imported the database.

Through the above description and understanding, I believe that everyone should be not unfamiliar with the production method of fixed asset labels. During the label design process, you can add the label content to the bar code to print according to specific product information and settings, labels, fixed assets, labels, etc. The content type and style of the software can also be customized.

The above is a detailed method for making fixed asset labels through barcode label printing software. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to cooperate or have other questions, please come to our Changjie Fixed Assets Management Center, we will give you a satisfactory answer!

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