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What are the materials of label paper used in our common label printer?

Label printers adapt to a narrow range, but some operations than the general printer is much more convenient, but different label printers use label paper is also different, if you choose the wrong, may affect the life of the printer, so what are the common label printer paper material?

1, thermal sensitive label paper, is on the base paper coating on a layer of “polychromatic coating”, this paper is very good, coated with paint side relative will be more smooth, this paper is the feature of thermal imaging, main application Yu Chuanzhen paper, electrocardiograph, POS machine, printing paper, cashier receipts paper, price tag, such as the scope of application is extensive, and the cost is very low, high cost performance.However, it is important to note that the finished product or blank paper cannot be exposed to high temperature or sunshine for a long time, and the storage life of heat-sensitive paper is short.

2. PET label paper, PET is a kind of polymer material.It has good hardness and brittleness, can withstand certain high temperature, resist harsh environment, prevent the corrosion of acid and alkali chemicals, and has excellent optical properties and weather resistance;At the same time, the electrical insulation is good;Excellent performance in blocking gas, water, oil and odors;Smooth and shiny surface, non-toxic, tasteless, good health and safety;Transparency, glossiness is higher, can block ultraviolet ray effectively.Can be directly used in food packaging, electrical packaging and automotive industry.

3, PVC label paper, is composed of vinyl polymer material, with good flexibility, feel very soft, its main characteristics are waterproof, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, good electrical insulation, but its degradation in the natural environment is poor, and can not be recycled.Mainly used in outdoor warning signs, guide signs, etc.

4, coated paper label paper, in the paper on the surface of a layer of white paint, after reprocessing and become a label paper, its characteristics are smooth surface, whiteness, color reduction, good ink absorption performance.It is often used for marking printer, mainly used in assembly line, stock management, garment tag and other places with many labels.

Different label paper application field is different, do not choose the wrong choice, to avoid the damage to the printer, affect the service life of the printer.

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