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Writing paper sticker printing clear, a variety of USES, can paste, can write!

Writing paper is a common and large consumption of cultural paper, suitable for official documents, diaries, forms, contacts, account books, records, etc., for writing.Adhesive also known as self – adhesive paper, backing paper, by the surface material, adhesive, paper material.In fact, writing paper sticker is the same as ordinary paper, but the back of an extra layer of glue.

Writing paper sticker product features:

1, surface material: pure wood pulp paper manufacturing, fine and smooth, smooth surface, easy to color, luster pleasing to the eye, laser printing.

2, environmental water glue: evenly coated, high adhesion, not easy to overflow glue, smooth printing, no damage to the printer.

3. Even inking: pure black printing, clear and clear graphics, visual comfort, high purity, high texture, high density.

4, good technology: neat cutting, low paper, not easy to jam paper, wider applicability.

The sticker on the writing paper is made of environmental friendly water glue, which keeps it more and more firmly.

1. Good performance in sticking glass, plastic, metal and paper.

2. Stick more and more firmly, keep for a long time, and can be used in low temperature environment.

3, no odor, no damage to the machine, harmless to human body.

Self-adhesive labels for writing paper are applicable to: stores, fruit stores, supermarkets, storage and logistics, medical supplies, external box stickers, daily office, etc., can be affixed to the glass surface, metal surface, wood surface, plastic surface, paper surface and so on. Let’s take a look at the specific use in life where:

1. Packing bag and sealing paste: it is convenient and easy to use.

2. Product label: it can be used as product label, which is convenient and easy to use. There is no need to worry about the process of applying glue to ordinary paper.

3. Carton stickers and shipping marks: suitable for printing carton stickers or shipping marks of product packaging boxes, with good adhesion and easy use.

4. Tag label: suitable for making tag label, clothing tag label, gift tag label, etc.

Printing custom packaging for each pack of writing paper self-adhesive label, waterproof, prevent pressure, fall prevention, wear-resisting, remind you about the applicable circumstances of writing paper self-adhesive label description: label the best temperature for 10 to 24 ℃, below 10 ℃, will cause the loss of viscosity, the surface of the paste is best not to have water, oil, dirt and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the pressure sensitive adhesive.

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