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Do you know what kind of carbon tape needs to be printed with dumb silver sticker?

Do you know what kind of carbon tape needs to be printed with dumb silver sticker?

The label of dumb silver adhesive is resistant to high temperature, the adhesive surface is smooth with texture, and the adhesive is strong. The adhesive is made of general adhesive water glue, which is evenly coated, no needle eye, no bubble, no fear of temperature difference, and not easy to fall off!

Dumb silver adhesive label applies to various industries, suitable for water, oil and chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and other high performance products, such as: toilet products, cosmetics, jewelry, electrical appliances, mechanical products.

Good quality dumb silver sticker labels have the following characteristics:

1. Clear printing

Using advanced water glue material, the printing effect is clear, good coloring.

2, waterproof

Adopt log application modern production technology, through professional papermaking equipment production.

3. Scratch resistance

Strong viscosity, but also effectively prevent scratching, improve the service life.

4, CNC die-cutting

Using modern equipment production, cutting edge does not roll and does not corner, reduce print head wear.

5. Service temperature

-40-+150 degrees, as low as labeling temperature -4 degrees.

Dumb silver sticker labels need to be printed with what kind of carbon belt?Due to its special material, it needs high temperature resistance, so it can only be printed with resin carbon belt. With printing, the storage time can be as long as 50 years, or longer. It is suitable for all kinds of fixed assets and outdoor small signs.

Simple comparison of common life coated paper sticker and dumb silver sticker label:

1. Material features

Copper plate: printing needs carbon tape, good viscosity, not out of mark, paper white, print clear.

Dumb silver: tear is not broken, printing needs carbon belt, dumb silver texture, printing handwriting is clear.

2. Match the carbon belt

Copper plate: wax – based carbon belt, mixed – based carbon belt.

Dumb silver: resin carbon strip.

3. Applicable industry

Copper plate: storage, clothing, logistics, medical, retail.

Dumb silver: various fixed assets and outdoor small signs.

4. Store temperature

Copper plate: can be preserved for a long time, -50~+90℃.

Dumb silver: can be preserved for a long time, -40~+150℃.

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